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MAGE Scholarship and Student Debt Reduction Award Winners Selected

The MAGE Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following members or children of MAGE members who were selected as winners of $1,000 scholarships or student debt reduction awards.    The winners were chosen at random from all entries at the Board meeting on Saturday, Sept. 9.  The Board approved payment of ten awards this year.  Scholarship Award payments are sent to the scholarship winners directly and the student debt reduction awards are sent to the financial institution directly to their account.  
We will update this post with an article containing a picture and bio of the winners soon.   Please congratulate the following winners:
Scholarship Winners:
Joshua Gregory Pickens
Shane O’Brien
Charles Joseph Dunton
Jack Alan Horton
Kyle Daniel Grover
Nicholas B. Mills
Student Debt Reduction Award Winners:
Sara Lynn Meddaugh
Carl Brent Spilller II
Kyle D. Wood
Ghawana Dixon
We are so happy to be able to provide this benefit to our members and their families.   Please spread the word that it really does pay to belong!