News Manager

$5,000 Signing and Retention Bonus for Nurses

I would like all of our RN managers and supervisors to understand exactly how these $5,000 bonuses came about. MAGE advocated vociferously for two years before convincing the Civil Service Commission to create a rule paving the way for these bonuses.

We brought in nurses from each of the affected departments to testify to the recruitment and retention problems. We brought in Directors of Nursing who testified that they were no longer receiving quality candidates for nurse supervisor and manager positions. 

We succeeded in convincing the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees our state hospitals, to take advantage of the bonuses and grant them to our nurses this year. 

We have not succeeded in convincing the Department of Corrections or the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to pay these bonuses. 

I promise you that we will continue advocating for all of the embattled nurses who work for the state. 

Download the MAGE app from the app store and log onto our MAGE webpage to follow our progress during this year’s Coordinated Compensation Process (CCP). 

If you would like to testify at the CCP, please contact John DeTizio at the MAGE office. 1-800-477-MAGE. 

In Solidarity,
Al Quattrin, MAGE President