News Manager

Ojibway Correctional Facility Closing

Our condolences go out to our dedicated members and all of the employees at Ojibway Correctional Facility which is now slated for closure in December of this year. 

With more than 1,000 prison beds and over 200 employees, the effect on the local economy will be devastating. 

This is particularly difficult for our Assistant Resident Unit Supervisors (ARUS) employees who will be effectively precluded from bumping lower seniority ARUS positions.  When the department decided to abolish ARUS positions years ago, MAGE advocated vigorously to restrict the positions and abolish the positions through attrition. As a result, we preserved those positions for many years but upon vacating those positions, they now must be abolished. 

MAGE will continue assisting members in analyzing their bump options and will keep a close eye on the closing procedures and monitor the bumping chain as it plays out.  We will also follow up with the governor to see if he keeps his promise to take care of the people of Ojibway.