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  1. Complete the entire membership application, all required except District Preference.
  2. Circle Payroll Deduction.
  3. Sign and date the application. 
  4. You must approve your dues deduction online through the MI HR Self-Service Gateway immediately. (Assistance for that is available by calling the Service Center at 1-877-776-6447)
  5. Submit the completed membership application to the MAGE-OPEIU Local 2002 Office either by email:; or FAX to 1-517-694-8250 or Toll Free 1-877-317-4251; or mail:  6920 S Cedar St., #7, Lansing MI 48911. Application must be received by the MAGE office.    
MAGE membership will begin on the date that the membership application is received in the MAGE office, provided that dues deductions are started during the same pay period.  Dues deductions that are started in subsequent pay periods will cause the membership effective date to be the first day of the pay period in which the deductions begin.
The “membership effective date” is important, especially when seeking “representation”.  MAGE Policy clearly states that MAGE shall not represent any person who is not a member of MAGE; or any person who is addressing issues or circumstances which occurred prior to MAGE membership effective date.