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2020 General Council Election Results

The results of the 2020 MAGE General Council are in! This year MAGE delegates placed their votes for State Officers, District Directors, District Deputy Directors, and a Resolution that has been proposed to move the MAGE General Council from a biennial meeting to a quadrennial meeting.

By majority vote, the following will serve as your new MAGE State Officers:
President: Alan Quattrin
1st Vice President: Brant Wimbush
2nd Vice President: Olivia Bruce
Secretary-Treasurer: Julie VanHorn

Also by majority vote, Resolution #1 was passed to move the MAGE General Council Meeting from a biennial meeting to a quadrennial meeting. MAGE General Council will now take place every four years.

MAGE Districts held their Elections as well by email or conference call and below are the results of those elections.

District #            Director                            Deputy Director
District 1            Kay Young                               Douglas Barry
District 2            Mark Krupiarz                           Kenneth Dunton
District 3            Michael Shelley                        Shane O’Brien
District 4            JoAnne Cripps
District 6            John Roy Castillo                      Peter Neu
District 7            John DeTizio
District 8            Cynthia Coleman                      Janine Parham
District 9            Demetrius Starling                    Rodney Duskin