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Dues Reauthorization Reminder

We wanted to provide a friendly reminder to all State of Michigan NEREs. Please remember that you must opt into the payroll deduction system for code ES01 and submit a membership application to be an active member of MAGE. NEREs are not automatically placed in to MAGE membership as they were when they were under collective bargaining units.
All current MAGE members, please remember that the recertification of dues only applies to all of the bargaining units like MCO, UAW, etc. MAGE is, and always has been, a voluntary organization where NEREs have the choice to belong or not. Those in the collective bargaining units are automatically enrolled into their perspective bargaining unit.  But, the difference is now they have to re-certify every year agreeing to pay dues. MAGE members do NOT need to re-certify their dues deductions.